Moe’s Irish Pub January 18 2019

Terry and the T-Birds will be performing at Moe’s Irish Pub, in the Calvary Court area of College Station, Friday January 18, 2019 from 9- 12 pm

We’ll be playing a mix of 70’s and 80’s rock and country with some classic rockabilly mixed in.

We’ll update this post after the show with pics and videos.

Santa’s Wonderland 2018

Terry and the T-Birds, performing as Doc Tictock and the Mistletoe Medicine Show, will be appearing at Santa’s Wonderland just south of College Station every Monday*-Thursday through Christmas, 2018.  Terry (Doc Tictock) and Jody (Deputy Rowdy) will be performing on weekends at Santa’s too!

*On Monday Dec 17th, Terry and the T-Birds will not be at Santa’s. They’ll be in Lake Jackson performing at a private event.

Here are some samples of last year’s shows!